Human Design Soul Dictionary

Human Design Soul Dictionary

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  • Soul Dictionary Info

    Your PDF Soul Dictionary includes: 

    - A detailed 50+ page PDF explaining your unique Human Design chart 

    -My unique & hand-written with love charts include and breakdown your specific energy type, authority, strategy, profile, incarnation cross (aka, soul purpose/ destiny), channels, important gates, defined and undefined centers,  how to manifest (specific or non specific), how to eat for your design, your aura, your definition, and relationships to self/others. 

    What you will gain: 

    A deeper understanding of yourself and a valuable self-discovery tool that you can keep and refer back to forever.


    There are no refunds on Soul Dictionaries. 

  • When will you receive your Soul Dictionary?

    10 days from the day that you purchase your soul dictionary, I will email you with your savable Soul Dictionary PDF. Please allow 10 days for it to come in, as I spend lots of loving time typing up each one. :)