Private Cacao Ceremonies

1:1 or group, virtual or in-person

If you would like a personalized Cacao Ceremony just for you, want to experience a private heart-opening cacao ceremony with your partner, or you would like to gather a group for a private online/ in-person ceremony, I would love to facilitate that for you and be your guide.

A private ceremony can be a beautiful experience if:

1. You feel you can’t fully let go in a group of people you don’t know

2. You have something specific you would like guidance with and are ready to dive right into healing in a safe and private space

3. You have a group of friends or a lover you would love to experience Cacao with, in your own sacred container just for you


About Cacao Ceremonies

What is a Cacao Ceremony and what is the benefit? 

A Cacao Ceremony is a sacred meditation space that will help you get out of your head and into your heart; opening the doors to your unique magic, talents and gifts.

It’s a place of self love, acceptance and healing. It allows you to connect to your light and let go of what's standing in the way of you shining. 

In a private Cacao ceremony, you can go even deeper into your work with the sacred plant medicine of Cacao, as it is specifically tailored to you and your unique needs for that day and in that season of your life. You will have my full attention and focus in creating a journey and experience that is uniquely beneficial to YOU or the group of people you choose to participate with. 

We can work on a specific energy you are wanting to focus on, or we can let the spirit of cacao speak for herself and guide you in whatever direction she chooses.

I will guide the journey with a prayer and opening blessing for Cacao, deep meditation, visualization, and any other tools to connect you to the moment. 

Cacao helps you to drop past the mind and into the heart, relaxes the nervous system, and helps you to access the subconscious mind from a place of deep focus and relaxation.

Cacao will help gently bring things up to the surface for you, like beautiful openings and revelations or stored emotions that you've been carrying in your body. Both are beautiful and perfect! Whatever comes up, you will be held with love and support in the space. 

I will guide you through to the other side so that you leave with greater understanding and a lot more lightness. After these sessions, my intention is that you'll feel a sense of release, openness, connectedness and self love.

Things to know before a ceremony

Ceremonial doses of Cacao can have adverse side effects for some people. If any of the below applies to you, know that it is still perfectly safe for you, but we would need to start you with a slightly lower dose.

The MAOIs in cacao can interact with some anti-depressant medication. It's not dangerous, just unpleasant as it can cause a migraine. In general it will only effect those on a high dose or mixture of medications, and all should be fine on a slightly lowered dose of Cacao. Just let me know what you are taking and we can work together to find a comfortable dose. 

Cacao increases your heart rate 20-30%, so if this would be a problem for you, please let me know. It's an amazing heart medicine and is very safe, we will just start on a lower dose! 

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