Remember who you came here to be

via the language of your soul


I am a seeker. A storyteller. A certified wellness coach & meditation teacher. A wellness woman & a Human Design translator 

on a mission to make intimately knowing the soul's unique voice accessible to all


Soul Offerings

Human Design Soul Dictionary

Your PDF Soul Dictionary includes: 

- A detailed 50+ page PDF explaining your unique Human Design chart 

-My unique & hand-written with love charts include and breakdown your specific energy type, authority, strategy, profile, incarnation cross (aka, soul purpose/ destiny), channels, defined and undefined centers, brief touch upon how to manifest, how to eat for your design, your aura, your definition, and relationships to self/others. 

What you will gain: 

A deeper understanding of yourself and a valuable self-discovery tool that you can keep and refer back to forever.


When we all begin to live by our design, we all will be able to work together like puzzle pieces fitting & flowing together in beautiful, effortless harmony. When we intimately know ourselves and follow the Codes of our Soul, not only do we raise our own vibration, but we raise the vibration of the entire planet.

Sam Doyle


Get your Unique Human Design Soul Dictionary (an extremely detailed PDF you will have for life)

note: your soul dictionary will come to your mailbox 10 days after your payment is received. I put a lot of love into each and every one. :)