Create freedom full time with organic superfoods


If you are anything like me,

you are someone who cannot fathom working the rest of your life for someone else’s dream. 

You have your OWN dreams. Big ones. 

You know you are here to change the world, in some way. You are here to make an impact. Maybe you don’t even know how, what, where, or WHY you feel that way, but you know. You have always felt it. 

You are someone who squirms at the thought of struggling for the rest of your life, especially with money. Maybe you’ve watched it happen your whole life with the people that you love. You’ve always known that won’t be you. 

You are someone who has always known the 9-5 corporate paradigm cannot and will never fulfill your soul, no matter how much school has tried to convince you that it could. 

You are someone who dreams of abundance. Not even just for you. But for the greater good of humanity. You are a conscious consumer— someone who gives a fuck about this beautiful planet we call home. Someone who cares what they spend their dollar on and sees their dollar as a vote for the kind of future earth that you want.You know that if you did have money, if you were rich, you would contribute your money to choices and purchases that make the world a better place. 

You dream of abundance beyond physical, tangible cash. More so than physical green cash, you dream of the freedom that cash will bring you.

You dream of the experiences.

You dream of the wind blowing through your hair. The highest quality nourishment touching your lips. The fresh organic fruit and green juice flowing through your body and becoming your cells.

You dream of being able to travel anywhere in the world and taking the people you love with you. 

If this sounds like you, there is an opportunity for you to start creating this free life NOW. 


This work is for you if...

You are motivated to...

Run your own impactful online business and enable yourself to travel the world full-time, working from wherever you please

You care about...

helping people heal. helping people you love REGAIN their health. sustainability. our planet. making the world a better place. contributing to healing the environment and mamma earth, not causing more harm.

You understand...

the power of the food we put into our bodies. the power of using FOOD as medicine. the power of eating fruits, roots, herbs, and algae from the earth and the ocean for optimal healing and health

Growing Ruccula

What is the opportunity?

If you are ready to take your life and your business into your own hands, there is an opportunity for you to closely work with me 1-on-1 as well as mastermind with my amazing team, the Agents of Change. 

We are partnered with Purium, an organic & non-GMO superfood company, committed to renewable agriculture and delivering a pure form of high density, plant-based nutrition directly to your door.

We believe that the human body is a miracle, and when we give it the right micro and macro nutrients, it can function optimally and support you in living a life full of vitality and joy. 

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